This is the performance tracking page for the model portfolio trading the ETF rotation strategy detailed in the out-of-print book Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top ETFs in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash).

Live Annual Performance

Live ETF Rotation Annual Performance

Standing Aside from Leveraged Rotation:

Live ETF Rotation Leveraged Annual Performance

Live Trading Monthly Performance


2022 ETF Rotation Monthly Performance


2021 ETF Rotation Monthly Performance


2020 ETF Rotation Monthly Performance

2020 Leveraged ETF Rotation Monthly Performance


2019 ETF Rotation YTD Performance


2018 ETF Rotation YTD Performance


2017 ETF Rotation YTD Performance


2016 ETF Rotation 2016 Performance


2015 ETF Rotation Performance for 2015


2014 Live ETF Rotation Results


2013 Live ETF Rotation Results


2012 Live ETF Rotation Results

Monthly Standard Deviation = 3.3%

Hypothetical Historical Performance

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ETF Rotation Annual Performance BackTested

Important Notes

1. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
2. Hypothetical back-tested historical simulations can differ significantly from live trading. See full disclaimer below.
3. Q2 of 2012 used another set of rotation rules for the model portfolio. They were replaced for being too volatile without delivering gains.
4. Backtesting of the ETF Rotation portfolio and Baseline portfolio used end-of-day prices for mutual funds and assumed it could enter a trade on the same day the price was evaluated.
5. An inflow on June 17, 2013 roughly doubled the size of the model portfolio. NAV pricing was used to calculate gains for that month and year.
6. The main difference in backtested results between the 1st Edition and the 2nd Edition of Truth About ETF Rotation book is the use of dividend adjusted data in the 1st edition. The 2nd edition did its own dividend adjustments using price and dividend history.