My interest in ETF Rotation began in 2012 with a research contract with Fidelity Investments. The goal was to write an article about back-testing Sector Rotation. Fidelity has updated their web site over the years, replacing older articles with fresh content. For posterity, here are the results of the Sector Rotation research I have stored:

A subsequent article for Fidelity focused my attention on longer look-back lengths to assess the trend. Here’s the published article as archived by the Way Back Machine:
How to Befriend the Trend

For the MoneyShow San Francisco in August 2012, I presented the original ETF Rotation comparing multiple look-back lengths for the percentage gain or Rate of Change (RoC) calculation. Click here to download the slides.

The ETF Rotation strategy continues to evolve as I learn more from live-trading (a.k.a. forward testing).

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