Truth About ETF Rotation

This is the official web page of the Truth About ETF Rotation™ book.   It is the first volume in the Beat the Crash™ series.

Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top Exchange Traded Funds in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash Book 1) explores asset allocation strategies using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

First, a diversified portfolio is described that forms the baseline for comparison. Then an ETF Rotation strategy is developed and refined. Hypothetical historical simulations (backtesting) show how the strategies would have behaved had they been traded since 1998.

The Ultimate ETF Rotation strategy is an extremely simple example that illustrates the advantages of a rotational strategy over buy and hold. The performance compared favorably in that it achieved its gains with less drawdown (open losses) than buy and hold or passively investing in an index fund. Thus it could be expected to show its merit in more difficult times in the stock market.

Want to try out your own ideas for ETF Rotation? See the Backtesting page for tools.

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Meet the Author

Jackie Ann Patterson is a computer engineer by training who, after 20+ years in high tech, opted for the freedom of a trading lifestyle. After hitting a rough patch, she decided to apply her software skills to testing investment strategies and selling the research via the internet. Fidelity Investments approached her to write research articles for clients, among them a sector rotation piece. Ms. Patterson liked the rotation approach and explored further, eventually creating the strategies that are published in this book.

To offer clients a professionally managed rotation portfolio, Ms. Patterson took the series 65 Investment Advisor Representative licensing exam and became a solicitor for Delta Investment Management. Delta IM was founded by finance professionals with high integrity and decades of experience. They have access to robust, well-tested, risk-mitigated strategies which they manage directly in client accounts at TD Ameritrade and Schwab.

ETF Interviews of Jackie Ann Patterson from MoneyShow Dallas:
Video #1 (6 mins)
Video #2 (6 mins)

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