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Doing business as BackTesting Report, OMTC originally published a series of research reports based on hypothetical back-testing or historical simulation of various trading strategies. More recently, OMTC published the Beat The Crash series of books and videos available exclusively from Amazon:
Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top Exchange Traded Funds in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash Book 1)

Truth About MACD: What Worked, What Didn’t Work, And How to Avoid Mistakes Even Experts Make (Beat The Crash) (Volume 2)

OMTC is also the publisher of Administering Wills and Trusts: A Layperson’s Guide for Executors and Trustees of Mid-Size Estates (Truth About Estates Book 2).


Software to algorithmically identify trading signals is at the foundation of almost all OMTC products. Three product software product lines are:
ETF Rotation Portfolio BackTesting Spreadsheet
MACD Divergence Detectors
Market Status Workspace

Subscription Service

MACD Divergence Alerts

In order to help customers who would rather not run the software themselves, Own Mountain Trading Company offers a service that supplies members with the results of the scans. Every afternoon, the results of automated MACD Divergence scans are posted to the to identify the US Stocks and ETFs demonstrating a MACD Divergence on the daily charts for members wishing to study this powerful signal in depth.

In the evenings, the results of the ETF ranking spreadsheet are posted on the members-only website showing the current standings for the back-tested Ultimate ETF Rotation strategy detailed in Truth About ETF Rotation. Members can also see the progress of forward-testing of this strategy on the same web page.

Each weekend, an email commentary covering the MACD Divergence weekly scans, the OMTC founder’s opinion of broad market indicators, and the ETF Rotation standings is published for subscribers to

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  1. David Anderson says:

    Jackie, I am on your email list and have attended two of your AAII seminars in San Francisco (Berkeley). I just downloaded your free Kindle edition of “The Truth About ETF Rotation”. I am confused as to which edition I have. Is this free Kindle version the latest of your books? But the publication date is 2012. So which is the 2017 version and how do I know which one is which?

    • omtc-admin says:

      David, look for a chapter on “What’s New in 3rd Edition”. If you have it, you got the new edition. Also, please be sure to sign up as an owner at I send out messages on future updates to people on that mailing list. Thanks! Jackie

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