Truth About ETF Rotation – Fund Your Retirement by Investing in Top ETFs in One Hour Per Week (Beat The Crash) by Jackie Ann Patterson, Own Mountain Trading Company, 2012. In-depth research showed ETF Rotation strategies produced superior performance over buy-and-hold of a diversified portfolio. Simple steps show how to do an ETF Rotation strategy.
Truth About MACD: What Worked, What Didn’t Work, And How to Avoid Mistakes Even Experts Make (Beat The Crash) (Volume 2)by Jackie Ann Patterson, Own Mountain Trading Company, 2014. The culmination of over a decade of experience testing, trading, and teaching the MACD technical indicator. Covers MACD Buy Signals, MACD Sell Signals, buying on MACD Divergences, and the Divergence Count Indicator (DCI).
Administering Wills and Trusts: A Layperson’s Guide for Executors and Trustees of Mid-Size Estates (Truth About Estates) by Jackie Ann Patterson, Own Mountain Trading Company, 2013. Practical how-to guide lists the steps to transfer an estate to the beneficiaries of wills, trusts, intestate (no will) estates, and Pay On Death accounts. Lots of real-world information and modern situations such as frequent flyer miles, smart phones and cars, etc.

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  1. Ben Ward says:

    04/28/16. 1920 hrs EST

    Greetings Jackie
    Just saw a video with your prognostication about the Long play on S&P ETFs.
    ( I hope I got that context correct) I am new to trading and still learning to correctly read the charts to find good long-term prospects for my IRA….I’m moving my funds from Mutal Funds to self directed investments. I figure I can lose money cheaper than paying someone else to do it and get better ROR.
    I am searching for the best ETFs to investigate for long positions and also inverse ETFs to use when the cycle rotates. I would like to get in at the bottom of the curve for the next up trend. Do you have possible recommendations of ETFs near the bottom of their curve?

    Ben Ward
    Saluda SC

    • omtc-admin says:

      Hi Ben-
      My testing showed that picking ETFs based on strong relative strength worked better than bargain hunting. So I rank ETFs based on dividend-adjusted percentage gain over roughly the last six months and pick the top ranked.
      Best regards,

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