Own Mountain Trading Company (OMTC) is a publisher of educational materials for US investors and traders.

Product lines include books, video, software, plus the results of computerized scans for stocks and ETFs demonstrating popular signals.

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 Jackie Ann Patterson,  President and CEO

 In 2005, Ms. Patterson walked away from her successful high-technology career to be an independent stock trader.   At that time she had traded at the hobby level for over ten years.  She studied with leading trading instructors including Mr. D.R.Barton, Dr. Alexander Elder, Mr. Ken Long, Mr. Ed Seykota, and Dr. Van Tharp.  From June 2005 – Sept 2007 Ms. Patterson was a contributing member of Dr. Elder’s elite Spikers – a competitive group of serious swing traders — where she won two silver medals for her performance.  One of her trades is featured in Sell and Sell Short by best-selling author Dr. Alexander Elder.  Ms. Patterson was also a member of the San Jose Trading Tribe.

While exploring trading strategies for her personal use, Ms. Patterson found many areas in need of automated analysis.   Developing software for her own use re-kindled Patterson’s long-standing affection for computer programming.  She created Own Mountain Trading Company because she enjoys the challenging adventure of high tech and also as a way to give something back to the community.  Ms. Patterson trades her own funds, using Own Mountain Trading Company products. Ms. Patterson has written three books and been a frequent speaker at the MoneyShow and Traders Expo. 

Fidelity Investments contracted with Own Mountain Trading Company to research and write articles for clients. One of the topics was sector rotation. Ms. Patterson took a personal interest in the rotation style of investing. She wrote a book on back-testing a simple rotation strategy and created a website to forward-test the strategy.

To offer clients a way to have a portfolio, including an advanced rotation strategy, managed by a professional, Ms. Patterson became a solicitor for Delta Investment Management. Click here for important disclosure documents: Solicitor’s Disclosure, Form ADV Part 2. Ms. Patterson passed the Series 65 Investment Advisor licensing exam in October 2014.

Read all about the latest company developments at www.backtestingblog.com. You can also check out the founder’s fun blog at jackieannpatterson.com

Prior to founding Own Mountain Trading Company, Ms. Patterson served as a Director of Marketing for Synopsys, Inc.  She has over 20 years of experience in engineering, marketing, and management in the software and computer industries. Ms. Patterson holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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The Own Mountain Trading Company name reflects the founders’ personal goal to buy and conserve wild land for future generations.

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  1. P. McCrady Gwinn says:

    I was revisiting some of your work published several years ago related to sector rotation (Sector Rotation Strategies, 2012 and Truth About ETF Rotation,2013). I have an Excel spreadsheet (Bacic_ETF_Rotation_V1_3). I was curious as if you had an updated worksheet that is free or a nominal price.
    Greenville, SC

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