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  1. Michael Graft says:

    Jackie Ann,

    Really like what you have to say! Do you think it’s better to take one year options on stocks? Or is it better to take 2 or 3-month options over the course of a year? My goal is to increase the yield on my portfolio a few %age points. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Tell me how! Thanks! Mike Graft

  2. John Shelton says:

    Dear Ms. Patterson

    I have recently “discovered” you and am finding your work interesting. I bought your sector rotation book several months ago and am rereading it now related to a project I am working on. In the course of this project I came across A lecture you gave us the money show on the importance of the relationship between two year treasuries and 10 year treasuries and how this relationship predicts recessions. I had planned to listen to your lecture again today but for some reason cannot find the source. Can you kindly stare me in the right direction to locate that source. Im also interested in your work with MACD and plan to buy your book when my current project is done. Tx John Shelton 360 929 2119.

  3. Sanford Carnahan says:

    Dear Jackie,

    I attended your presentation at the San Francisco AAII (in Berkeley) meeting last Saturday and I am interested in your program. However, I have no idea what the different e-mail programs cost. Please let me know.

    Thank you.


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